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Rjukan Varelager - was once the largest department store in Norway, the hustling and bustling hub of delivery of sardines, coffee, potatoes, flour, tobacco, and everything else that was needed to build a town in the midst of Norwegian wilderness some 100 years ago.

Rjukan Solarpunk Academy is currently in the process of establishing at the premises, where the goal will be to create a vital social arena and cultural centre open for locals and travellers. 

Due to the very special Covid situation (we got the key to the premises 1st of March 2020...) the main focus so far have been to give the dignified historical interior a hand-made make-over, all in the Martin Andersen signature ``bricolage`` style. Photodoc soon to be posted at this site.

In June 2021 we opened the BEST FØR CREPERIE which we are now shaping to become a local social arena in Rjukan with more events and activities.

At the same time, we opened our art centre, in the beginning showing the works of local Solarpunk initiators Martin and Margrethe - but in post-pandemic times developing exhibitions mainly based on artists and collaborators visiting through the Solarpunk in Residence-program.

And step by step we aim to establish a robust arena for all kinds of things that could happen in a place like this. 

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