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The only French creperie in the Vestfjorddalen valley created by Martin Andersen opened for regular business in June 2021. We hope to have the café open more frequently again in the summer. We serve the most delicious sweet and salty crepes along with some nice beverages.

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Coming up:

Past activities 2022:

Universal basic income seminar 30.4-1.5

We are gathering some of those best minds to Rjukan’s creative atmosphere, to discuss UBI in a seminar held at the end of April 2022. Our goal with the seminar is to gather more support for basic income, emphasize its importance to current and future societies, and begin the process toward its implementation in Rjukan. Read more

Concert: Point 23.4

Halvor Rollag will come with his new band POINT to Rjukan to have a release concert for the band's latest single "I'm Here". Here, the band will play an acoustic intimate concert, and among other things hold an interview, where you will make a better acquaintance with the band members, their stories so far in their careers, and the plans ahead.

Solfest costume workshop 26.3

The Solfest is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare than to gather together to make costumes at Varelager! Bring the supplies you need for the costume and join us for a fun day of creating masterpieces. The workshop is open on Saturday from 12 onwards. Our café will be open the whole weekend 12-18.

Fixing workshop 26-27.2

We at RSA believe in the right to repair! Martin Andersen will be holding a fixing workshop at Varelager in the last weekend of February. So grab anything you want to fix from home and come join the joy of DIY. We have tools and people here to help you fix almost anything!

Read more about Martin's previous workshop in Hardanger.

Rjukan Varelager is potentially Norway's funkiest and flexible site to conduct an academic conference or for an NGO to meet and discuss the shape of jazz to come.

Wanna come here and do something? Feel free to contact us with great ideas. We will help out with organizing accommodation and all other aspects of arranging an event in an adventurous setting. 

Our guidelines for using the venue can be found HERE.

Find out more about our unique location here in Rjukan from a talkshow made in collaboration with Stavanger University and Radio Luftballett (in Norwegian).


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