The South Korean Theatre company Project Grop Woon is coming to visit Rjukan in November 2019, to research hydrogen energy production through the guidance of local expert Bjørn Iversen.

Based on a previous meeting with textile artist Margrethe Kolstad Brekke in Bergen 2018, when a decision to develop a collaboration on utopian narratives and renewable energy production was made,

Project Group Woon is now returning to Norway.

With perspectives from the Unesco World Heritage site Rjukan, Norway, they will start research into Hydrogen Energy Production, in order to develop a theatre play on this topic.

Hydrogen, both the main component of the sun and the most abundant element in the universe, is also one of the elements that will be very important in the energymixes of the close future, replacing fossil fuels.

In Rjukan they will collaborate with local artists Martin Andersen and Margrethe Kolstad Brekke, and be introduced to hydrogen energy production by Bjørn Iversen.

Project Group Woon is an artist group which deals with pain and healing of a community. 'Woon’ is Korean pronunciation of a Chinese character, ‘雲’ and it means ‘cloud’. But it often is used to describe a group of people. ‘Woon’ is chosen as the Project Group name because it symbolized the values which the Group pursues.  all photo: Project Group Woon

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