The Just Mobility Transitions Network (JUST-MOB-NET) will serve as an umbrella for engaged research and practice on socially just low-carbon mobility transitions taking place in and across academics institutions in Western Norway. This region is at the global forefront of such a sectoral transition, with the electrification of multi-modal transport solutions accelerating. On the one hand, this development is welcome for urgently needed climate change mitigation. On the other hand, rapid transitions are accompanied by the risk of increasing inequity and exacerbating political polarisation. These risks are evident in controversies over the allocation of subsidies for electric vehicles, congestion tolls for city center traffic, the use of public space by micro-mobility e-scooters, and reduction in urban car parking. Yet some of the same developments make Western Norway the global capital of electric ferries, cars, and increasingly cargo bikes, catapulting our region to the epicenter of low-carbon mobility transitions, thanks to a fully digitalized electric grid powered by renewable energy sources that continue to grow.

Rjukan Solarpunk Academy will contribute with a project visualizing social imaginaries of just low-carbon mobility futures. This pop-up at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum in August 2021 will engage with the Energy Anthropology Network workshop co-convened by Sidharth Sareen (University of Stavanger) at the same venue.